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Boards For Every Wave

Waves and swells are different everyday. We have a full quiver to cover a wide range of ocean conditions

Long Board

Fun egg shape and tons of float. Great for beginners and advanced alike!

Retro Fish

The Retro Fish is a timeless, classic design perfect for small summer surf.

Paddle Board

Great for catching that first wave and riding it to the shore or taking your first paddling strokes through the water.


This is the board you want for small waves crashing on the shore. It's great for young kids who are getting used to waves.

Skim Board

The Soft-Skim is the perfect beginner skimboard that shreds like a pro


The Womper is a mini bodyboard shaped hand plane that can be ridden multiple ways to enhance your bodysurfing sesh.

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Frequent Asked Questions

What are the waves like on Oak Island?

Oak island recieves mellow swell from the South and South West. Occassionally a storm will bring in bigger waves, but usually they're small and suited for beginners.

Where can we swim?

Swimming is allowed all along the beach. It's important to keep a safe distance from the piers; however, much of the surfing occurs near them.

What's the water temperature on Oak Island?

Average temperature on the Oak Island is 70°F. In winter it averages 59°F. A wetsuit is advisable in the winter and fall, but not necessary in the Summer.

Do I need anything else to surf?

We provide all necessary equipment. A leash, fins, wax, and paddle if necessary will come with the rental. Other gear may be available for an additional fee.

Daily or Weekly Rates

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/ day

Ideal for a day at the beach or trying something new

  • free delivery
  • no clean up necessary
  • leash and fins


/ day

Best for longer vacations

  • free delivery and pick up
  • free wax
  • leash and fins
  • 15% off daily rates

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